April 29, 2017


There really isn't anything in this world that Becca and Mikey really want or need besides the love and friendship our family and friends show us on a daily basis. Therefore, we would love to 'spread the love' and direct any time or energy that would otherwise be put into finding us a nice wedding gift and put that time and energy into one of these really great organizations making the world better place for all of us. Giving feels great. And these folks would really love you support. <3

The Environmental Defense Fund works to protect the beautiful places we love to go hiking, biking, and swimming from deforestation and pollution. We hope future generations have the same opportunity to enjoy our beautiful planet as we do.

Harvest of Hope Pantry is a food bank in Boulder that provides meals for folks in need of groceries. They also work with our friends at Boulder Food Rescue!

Camp Marymount has been gracious enough to host us and provides awesome scholarships for kids who would like to attend in the summer but cannot afford tuition - this is our way of helping.

Tree Streets plants trees throughout urban Little Rock, Arkansas and educates folks about how trees benefit the city. Tree Streets seemed especially appropriate given that Arbor Day is on the same weekend, and John Baker loves trees, just like the groom, Mikey.

Father Ryan is the bride, Becca's, alma mater, as well as her two siblings Charlie and Sara!

Thanks for helping! <3 Mikey and Becca