Q: What airport do I fly into?
A: The closest airport to camp is the Nashville airport (BNA).

Q: What do I wear??
A: Our wedding (and the entire weekend!) will be casual! Be sure to wear shoes that you can walk ~1 mile in if the weather's nice and we're able to use the outdoor chapel. Sundresses, jeans, grass filppy floppies, and leopard print are all welcome :)

Q: What do you mean by "community vibe" at camp?
A: Every cabin has up to 4-10 bunks in each room (plus a private bathroom), so you will be sharing with others! We'll do our best to put fun groups together so that everyone will have a spot in a cabin you'll enjoy. As always, let us know if you have preferences for bunk-mates!

Q: Can I bring my own tent or sleep under the stars?
A: Go for it! We'll even have the bath houses opened for tent campers.

Q: Is the ceremony inside or outside?
A: Good question! We'll find out once we know how crazy the weather will be that weekend. If it's nice, we'll head down to the outdoor chapel (~1 mile walk from main camp, rides will be available for those who need them). Otherwise, we'll be in the indoor chapel near the lodge.

Q: Will the Indian food be spicy?
A: We will have both spicy and very mild options for the Indian food, so if spiciness is holding you back, fear not!

Q: What should I pack for camp?
A: Check out our Packing List for campers!

Q: What's a contra dance?
A: Contra dancing is an English folk dance, sometimes referred to as a barn dance, New England folk dance, or Appalachian folk dance. It'e easy for beginners and super fun!

Q: Where are you registered?
A: We're not! Head over to our Giving Page to donate to our favorite organizations doing awesome work instead!