April 29, 2017

Saturday 5K Map!

Wedding Weekend

Having those you love spread out around the country and the world has its ups and downs. We'd be foolish not to take this rare opportunity to bring everybody together for a weekend celebration! Luckily, we've found the perfect place to host everyone for a few days full of our favorite things. Please join us for as much as you are able!

Friday, April 28
12pm: Service project at Camp
4:28pm: Rehearsal
6pm: Pizza & smores

Saturday, April 29
9am: 5k Race & Brunch
11am-2pm: Canoes will be on the lake!
4:29pm: Wedding
6pm: Reception Dinner & Barn Dance

Sunday, April 30
10am: Brunch

How Mikey and Becca Met

Berkeley Space Science Center

Becca and Mikey met for a fateful trail run in the summer of 2015. Both were recent transplants from their respective Colorado and Tennessee places and were living the dream nearby the redwood forests and coastal tidepools near San Francisco. Mikey had recently signed up for his first triathlon, and Becca was his coach. She still wins in every triathlon where they compete head-to-head, and plans to keep it that way.

Dreamy Pies and Mongolian Skies

The next summer, Mikey and Becca were traveling in Mongolia with their friends. Little did Becca know, Mikey had been cooking up a proposal plan for quite some time. Mikey suggested a casual morning trail run along Lake Hovsgol one day, and their friends all obliged with a "no" to the invitation. It was there at the lake where Mikey read a limmerick and proposed with his great grandmother Myrtle's 90-year-old wedding band. Becca gave a teary-eyed Yes, and that brings us to today.